Planet Cycles Astrology Calendar – post outside Australia


This beautiful one-of-a-kind poster displays in full colour the cycles of the celestial bodies in comprehensive detail for 2022.
Peter Burns, Australian astrologer with extensive experience.
$89 AUD each. Includes postage to USA, UK, EU, NZ
A1 59.4 x 84.1 cm (23 x 33 inches). Posted rolled in a tube.
40% discount: $468 per dozen + $10 post.
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  • Circular calendar displaying the months in the order of the signs in alternating shades of grey.
  • Planet cycles for the lights and every planet out to Pluto.
  • Moon signs for every day in 2022.
  • Sign ingress dates for every planet.
  • Retrograde periods for each planet.
  • Colour coded elements for each sign.
  • Full and new moons: dates, zodiac sign and longitude degree.
  • Solar and lunar eclipse dates, degrees, and eclipse type.

Plus: Separate tabular calendar presentation of the Sun and planets through the signs, colour coded by element. Includes retrograde periods.

Plus: Separate tabular calendar of Chiron and the 4 asteroids Ceres Vesta Juno and Pallas-Athena, colour coded by element plus retrograde periods.

Plus: Transit list for 2022, Mars through to Pluto, plus solar conjunctions.

Plus: List of parallels of declination for 2022, including contra-parallels.

Plus: Key to astrological glyphs (symbols) used in this poster.

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