3 options for businesses offering uplifting and inspiring products and/or services.

Services, including readings, therapies, consultations, classes etc.

Take bookings on your personal calendar for times you select.




We charge a flat 15% commission on all customer payments.

how is commission paid?

Through Paypal to your email address.   

If you don’t have a PayPal account you will be prompted to set one up. I’m told it’s very easy.
If you wish to be paid by bank transfer an extra $5 per transaction will be deducted to pay our bookkeeper’s fees.

When is the commission paid

On the Friday of the week following the reading or service or, in the case of products, the delivery of the order.

Customer payments

how do customers pay?

Paypal. They can use use their credit card to pay through Paypal.

Booking arrangements

How do I know now if someone books or orders

You will receive an automatic email notification from Paypal

Will I get the clients contact details?

Yes these details are generally included in the Paypal notification. You need these details to send the order or do your consultation.
If some detail is missing just ask and we will send. 

Appoinment missed or cancelled

What happens if the customer misses their appointment?

They lose their payment unless you agree to re-schedule

What happens if the customer cancels their appointment?

Unless you have supplied product or completed a consultation they are refunded minus a $5 admin fee.

What happens if you (the consultant) miss or cancel appointment for whatever reason

Unless the customer agrees to re-schedule, the customer gets a full refund and you owe  us our commission.

How is it fair that the consultant loses the commission if it was a family emergency or similar?

We have subcontractor’s costs to pay regardless of whether you experience an emergency or unforseen event.  We always honour our agreements and cannot refuse to pay our sub-contractors because one of our clients had an unforseen event. 

The consequence of being asked to forfeit our fee is that we are being asked to wear the costs instead of you. We don’t see that as fair. Your need to cancel because of a personal emergency or similar needs to regarded as a business risk which is either within your comfort zone or not.

Your agreement with us

If you list a product or service you are agreeing to these conditions.