Cancellation Policy

What if I cancel my stall at the last minute? 

We’d really prefer it if you didn’t because it’s very difficult to find a replacement at the last minute, we will be one stallholder short; and unless a replacement is found you won’t get a refund.

What if I get sick or my child gets sick or I have some other genuine reason for cancelling at the last moment?
Can I have a credit for a future expo?

Asking for a credit for a future expo is the same as asking us to incur a loss for the present expo because you cancelled. Unless a replacement exhibitor can be found.

We have contracted various people for bookkeeping, web design, admin and other associated tasks. These people need to be paid for work done on your behalf. Even if a replacement exhibitor is found we need to charge a $35 admin fee to cover costs for the work done by these people. 

We understand that most people don’t appreciate that using payment for a cancelled expo as future credit means that we suffer a loss. They just haven’t thought it through.  But we don’t think its fair that we should wear the costs.

Cancellation & refund policy

  • Cancellations must be advised asap. 
  • Cancellation penalties are:
    (a) (All cancellations and changes (including swapping stalls) carry a $35 administrative fee.
    (b) Exhibitor cancels within 14 days of the expo: 50% of stall fees will be refunded; except if a suitable replacement is found and approved by the Organiser.
    (c) Exhibitor cancels within 7 days of the expo: NO monies will be refunded , except if a suitable replacement is found and approved by the organiser. 
  • No credit or refund is given for failure to attend for any reason whatsoever.


New exhibitors sometimes ask “Can I pay on the day?
We have extensive upfront costs and cannot accommodate those who cannot pay until the day of the expo. 

However we suggest you take advantage of your credit card’s interest free period after the transaction. It’s a good system when used wisely.

  • We don’t issue invoices.

  • You pay when you book and are sent a Paypal receipt.
  • We don’t reserve stalls unless paid for.

  • We operate strictly on a first-pays basis.

  • We use Paypal so you can use your credit/debit card or withdraw from your bank account.

Your agreement with us 

If you choose to exhibitor with us you are agreeing to these terms and accept that they are fair.