Exhibitor FAQ

How do I apply to exhibit?

Go to BOOK-A-STALL on the top menu and select the expo you wish to exhibit at from the dropdown menu.

How many people do you expect at your expo?

We can’t predict numbers for our expos because people’s plans change, weather effects people’s decisions and many other factors which are out of our control can influence attendance. We do not provide ‘guestimates’. All we can do as expo organisers is ensure that we promote the expo as best we can (advertising, flyers, web, Facebook, Instagram, road signs) and hope that our efforts plus the efforts of stallholders who promote the expo through their channels, attract a good attendance. 

WHAT If the expo is cancelled because of covid restrictions?

You will receive a full refund. If you paid through Paypal you will be repaid through Paypal.

What is the system for readers?

Readers book their stall space like other exhibitors. We don’t have a ‘readers’ room’. You get to set your own prices.

Can I share your Facebook posts to my followers so they know I’m exhibiting at your market?

Yes tell everyone. What ‘goes around comes around’ and we all benefit together. We give preference to stallholders who share our Facebook posts.

Do you have ‘cash-out’ facilities?

No, we don’t. We require all exhibitors to bring their own eftpos machine or Square reader or similar. We attract more visitors by advertising that all stallholders take card payments and we ask that you honour this requirement. 

Do I need to be able to accept credit cards?

It’s not compulsory but it means you are likely to make more money

If you can accept credit card payments you have an advantage over those who don’t.
We find many visitors are short of cash and ask if stall holders accept credit cards. If there is not an atm nearby or it isn’t working, then those who can accept credit cards usually do more business.
Visitors often ask us which readers accept credit cards. We refer those people to readers who have told us they accept credit card payments.

What type of stall holder applications are accepted?

  1. Wellbeing and new age products and associated services
    Natural and environmentally sensitive products are preferred.
    Products that been approved by the relevant authorities as being of the highest quality and free from toxic and harmful ingredients.
    Products and services that enable, uplift, empower, and inspire.
  2. Readers
    Only those whose focus is to uplift and empower. High ethical standards are required.
    Should be experienced and, depending on the modality, qualified.
    Our expos are not intended as a training ground for people new to the industry.
    The public expect a high quality service from practitioners and readers at our expos.

Does my product or service have to be alternative or new age?

Not at all. While the majority of stallholders tend to be from the ‘alternative’ area, we do not discriminate between what is sometimes considered alternative and what is well established and considered ‘mainstream’.
The primary consideration is that service and product providers act for the highest good of the public, and offer enabling, uplifting, empowering, and inspiring products and services.

Do you accept stallholders promoting a religion or political agenda?

No religious or political promotions are accepted, including witchcraft (and/or associated products) or any other organised religion.
No religious or political promotions, imposing of beliefs on others, or prescriptive beliefs are endorsed.

What about proprietary (branded) products? Can I bring these? For example doTerra Essential Oils and Young Living Essential Oils?

Please ask us first as we give exclusive rights to display and promote some proprietary products to those who book early. It can be awkward and embarrassing if we have to ask you to remove such products on the day of the expo if you haven’t first sought permission.

Can I bring my children (under 15 YOA)?

This is a professional working environment and not a child minding facility.
We understand the difficulties of parenting and the need to provide care for children and the challenge this provides for those who wish to promote their services and take care of their children at the same time.
However experience has shown that stall-holders struggle to deal with customers and simultaneously provide adequate care and supervision of children.
Out of respect to fellow stallholders all disturbance should be minimised. We endeavour to provide a tranquil and relaxing environment for all stall-holders.
We don’t allow children under 15 YOA to accompany exhibitors during setup, the expo itself or at close-down. If you wish to bring a child under 15 YOA please ask our permission first. You will need to guarantee that your child will not run around or disturb other stallholders in any way.


Stall prices vary according to the venue. Check the expo booking page for up-to-date information.


New exhibitors sometimes ask “Can I pay on the day?
We have extensive upfront costs and cannot accommodate those who cannot pay until the day of the expo. 

However we suggest you take advantage of your credit card’s interest free period after the transaction. It’s a good system when used wisely.

  • We don’t issue invoices.

  • You pay when you book and are sent a Paypal receipt.
  • We don’t reserve stalls unless paid for.

  • We operate strictly on a first-pays basis.

  • We use Paypal so you can use your credit/debit card or withdraw from your bank account.

What if I cancel my stall at the last minute? 

We’d really prefer it if you didn’t because it’s very difficult to find a replacement at the last minute, we will be one stallholder short; and a replacement is found you won’t get a refund.

Cancellation & refund policy

  • Cancellations must be advised asap. 
  • Cancellation penalties are:
    (a) (All cancellations and changes (including swapping stalls) carry a $35 administrative fee.
    (b) Exhibitor cancels within 14 days of the expo: 50% of stall fees will be refunded; except if a suitable replacement is found and approved by the Organiser.
    (c) Exhibitor cancels within 7 days of the expo: NO monies will be refunded , except if a suitable replacement is found and approved by the organiser. 
  • No credit or refund is given for failure to attend for any reason whatsoever.

What does the cost of my stall cover?

The space on the day, marketing, venue hire, event management, promotion of the expo and your business, social media posts, our insurance and other costs.

Set-up and close down

Unless otherwise advised setup time is 8.30 am – 9.30 am for a 10 am start
Close down is 4 pm.

Can I pack up and leave early?

No. If you decide to exhibit with us you are agreeing to stay until 4 pm. It does not look good if some stallholders leave early, it can disturb other stallholders and the public who are doing business, and also creates health and safety risks. If you leave early you will not be invited back. 

Insurance coverage

We do not cover you for public liability or any other form of insurance. You need to organise this yourself. By exhibiting with us you agree to indemnify us against any claims or liabilities.

If you doing massage or bodywork you’ll need to send a copy of your insurance. 

One insurance company that has recently come to our attention is StallInsure at stallinsure.com.au. Another is My Market Insurance at mymarketinsurance.com.au
We have not had the opportunity to test the bona fides of these companies, or make comparisons.
By exhibiting at our expo you are agreeing to indemnify us against all claims and to take full responsibility for any damages legal or monetary claims.

Free tickets for people looking after your stand

Friends or assistants who look after your stand are given free entry.
Simply tell us their names beforehand.

Can I provide a 25 min lecture or workshop?

Yes if you are an exhibitor, subject to approval.
Email your proposed talk to bodynsoulexpos@gmail.com or call Peter Burns on 0411 530 762 to discuss.
Please keep in mind that there is a strong demand for lecture/workshop spots and you need to apply early. Lecture/workshop spots will only be confirmed and publicised when your booking is finalised.

Can I provide a 25 min lecture or workshop without having a stall?

Yes you can, subject to approval, and the fee is $100.

Can I be showcased  on the Body & Soul Holistic Expo site and have a link to this page through Facebook?

Yes this is our standard procedure providing you supply us with the necessary photos and text.

Are tables and chairs supplied?

We have tables for hire or bring your own.
Chairs are supplied free of charge. 

Can I bring my own table?

Yes we don’t provide tables.

Is power access available? 

Only on some stalls. Generally only those backing onto a wall. For health and safety reasons electric leads cannot cross walkways. You may need to book in early to obtain access to power.

What do I need to bring?

A table cloth which goes down to the floor (especially at the front), table(s),  promotional material and whatever you need to do your work.
Most experienced exhibitors bring a pop-up banner. They’re easy to transport and visually effective.

What happens if a customer is unhappy with my service?

Give their money back, no arguments.
This situation is usually avoided when there is a clear understanding at the beginning of a consultation or transaction about what the customer can expect to receive and what they will not receive. Clear communication and transparency is the best approach.
Even if the customer is in some sense ‘wrong’ it is best to give the money back and move on – learn from the experience.

Can I use candles?

Health and safety regulations (including fire hazard regulations) means that burning candles is not permitted.

Can I burn incense?

This depends on how this impacts on fellow stallholders and the public.
What may seem to be a beautiful aroma to some may sometimes seem to be obnoxious to others.
The burning of incense is allowed as long as there are no complaints from fellow stallholders or the public. If there is a complaint you are expected to stop burning incense immediately. No arguments please – this is a condition of your being accepted as a stall holder.

Can I play music? And what about sound healing, singing bowls etc…?

In regards to playing recorded music or live music or anything which produces a sound this depends on how this impacts on fellow stallholders and the public.
Music or sound must never be loud enough to prevent others from being able to converse at a normal level.
What may seem to be a beautiful music to some may be unwelcome to others.
The playing of music and sound instruments is allowed as long as there are no complaints from fellow stallholders or the public. Best policy is to ask us first.  If there is a complaint you are expected to stop playing music or other sounds immediately. No arguments. This is a condition of your being accepted as a stall holder.
The definition of music here extends to singing bowls, gongs and any other instrument or device or digital appliance which produces sound including didgeridoos and sticks.

Can I place an A-frame or other promotional material in the walkway in front of my stand?

No. Walkways are to be kept clear of all obstacles. This is consideration to fellow stallholders regarding fairness and ethics. The view of other stalls within your area must not be obstructed in any way.

Can I stand in the walkway in front of my stand and engage customers?

No. Walkways are to be kept clear of all obstacles.
All stallholders are entitled to an equal opportunity to attract customers and standing in front of your stall confers an unfair advantage.
Again this is a consideration to fellow stallholders regarding fairness and ethics.
The view of other stalls within your area must not be obstructed in any way and customers must not corralled or directed towards a particular stand.

Neither are stallholders permitted to stand between stalls at the front edge of their table as this can obstruct the view of customers towards the adjacent stand, or to spruik to passing traffic .
Consideration to fellow stallholders regarding fairness and ethics is the over-riding consideration.

Can I share a stand with another business?

It is one business or consultant per stand.  While we understand the need to minimise costs we also have big expenses to cover, such as advertising, promotion, venue hire etc.. You are exhibiting with us on the basis of one business or consultant per table and we ask that you respect this agreement.