Lecture Schedule

Lectures are free to all attendees. Once you have paid your admission to the expo you are free to add any lecture. 

Lectures are approx 20-25 mins each.

11.00 pm

Greg Tonks: Reframing what you ask the universe

In this lecture we look closely at the language we use each day that determines our reality. Greg will cover some of the everyday phrases and affirmations that we may or may not be aware we are saying that determines what shows up in our lives. This is a fun and simple discussion that can change your reality.

11:30 aM

Rhonda Kelly: are you psychic?

Discover your psychic abilities with Rhonda’s Readings by Rhonda Kelly. An interactive talk about trusting your intuition and using your psychic abilities.

12.00 pM

Angelica Danton: Palmistry  

Introduction to the subject of Palmistry. Realise you potential to change your destiny. Some readings will be done in the lecture

12.30 pM

Natasha Watkins: Numerology, the Language of Numbers!!   

Numerology is the language of the Universe! Discover what your name & date of birth reveals about you!

1.00 pM

Sherry Van T Hag: Understanding Spirituality & the law of attraction

Would you love to know more about Spirituality & the law of Attraction? Then come to this amazing lecture with one of Australia’s most experienced Psychic Mediums & Mentors

1.30 pM

Mazikeen Storm: witchcraft for beginners

Wicca and Witchcraft-what it is/is not. How to get started. What is a spell/how does it work. The Altar/tools and ingredients and where to get them. Also there will be a show & tell!!

2.00 pM

Amie Guzzardi: How is Negative Energy affecting you and your Chakras?       

Amie is a healer who can access Akashic Records, clear vows and contracts, identify and heal trauma as well as balance and realign