Lecture Schedule

free lectures / workshops

Lectures are free to all attendees. Once you have paid your admission to the expo you are free to add any lecture. 

Lectures are approx 20-25 mins each.

Sunday 2nd May

Patricia Dosiak

11:30 AM sunday

patricia dosiak: past life regression                                 

Through the human energy field with light and colour

Nicki Kistler

12:00 Am sunday

nicky kistler: mediumship demonstration

Nicky will be connecting with your loved ones and bringing through messages

Sari Cecilia Artist

12:30 pM sunday

sari cecilia

Ways to unlock your intuition and how to use the tarot cards as a tool

gut health

1:00 pm sunday

Yvete Brewin: gut health and immunity

Tips on how to improve your gut health and the importance  of how it affects your wellbeing.

1:30 pm sunday

natasha Watkins

numerology: The magic of numbers

Your name and date of birth are no coincidence!
Discover what your numbers reveal about you!